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Luxury cigar accessories

Grand Cigar punch - series 9,5-11,5

Unlock the full potential of your cigar experience with this exceptional

cigar punch, providing the versatility to create either

a 9,5 mm or 11,5 mm aperture tailored to your cigar’s precise dimensions.

Its nifty design is extremely compact, effortlessly sliding

into any pocket with its compact form. Our exceptional cigar

punch not only elevates your cigar experience but also presents

itself as an eye-catching piece thanks to its impeccably designed

form that fits flawlessly within your grasp.

Meticulously crafted with precision engineering, this masterpiece

emerges from a single block of titanium, expertly shaped through

CNC machining techniques. Equipped with a removable hardened

stainless-steel blade, this remarkable feature ensures a seamless

blade replacement process, enabling effortless maintenance and


The Series 69 grand cigar punch is a flawless masterpiece, a testament

to the seamless fusion of art and functionality.

Complex structure, assembled from four separate parts.

Outside: 2,97” x 0,77” (75,5mm x 19,6mm)

Weight: 77g

Material: Grade 5 Titanium

Finishing: nACo coated with diamond implantation