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Series 38 Standard Bank Card Holder

The Titanium Bank Card Holder does an ordinary task in an extraordinary fashion. It will hold your bank cards securely and it will amazes you every time you use it for decades to come with its exceptional workmanship, durability and beauty.

We designed it to have a perfect size to remain comfortably portable and hold your valuable bank cards securely.

The titanium bank card holder is built up from the toughest Grade 5 Titanium with nACo Blue or TICN-MP surface treatments to remain scratch proof and its back panel from carbon fiber, a cool material used in supercars and high-end watches.

The whole assembly is secured by a deep-engraved rubber band that we incorporated in our design because very easy to use on an everyday basis. It is just as important for us, as is our love for fine engineering and redefining casual men’s accessories.

For one bank card holder we spend 10 hours of CNC machine milling to create the rough parts and dedicate another 12 hours to refine, then finishing with nACo Blue or TICN-MP anti-scratch surface treatments. The final phase is a few hours of polishing each by hand.

This Bank Card Holder weighs just 69 grams (or 2.43 ounces), making it considerably lighter than a leather wallet.
This product is available in blue and bronze colour as you can see on the pictures.

Material: Grade 5 Titanium
Size: 3,99“ (101,5 mm) L x 2,44” (62) mm W x 0,37“ (9,5mm) H
Weight: 69 g
Capacity: Up to five cards

$3 500
shipping included USD / EUR