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Oceanus-Nautical Bracelet Diamond Edition

Oceanus is an homage to the true seamen who seek adventure and attracted to the freedom and infinity embodied by the open water.

This sophisticated titanium bracelet is the perfect companion for the nautical fanatics who have strong bond to the sea yet enjoy the finest pleasures the land has to offer. The marriage of titanium and caoutchouc combines a simple organic material with a high-tech metal. The result?A casually elegant accessory which radiates a dynamic lifestyle.

We designed this luxury piece to meet the demanding requirements of the nautical environment: titanium is rust-free, the structure is robust, not bonded by glue but connected with the same shackle mechanism that is familiar for the boat owners. Oceanus will be a trusted accessory for the wearer no matter how far he sails.

No less than nine pieces of precision-milled titanium parts build up the shackle, the rest is lightweight organic rubber. The shackle design allows 3 size options for its wearer.

Weight: 27g

Finishing: Shackle’s part-nACo coated with diamond implantation

Limited Edition

200 pieces manufactured

$3 800
shipping included USD / EUR