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Luxury cigar accessories

Cronus-Desktop Cigarillo Holder

Cigars usually enjoy a fancy assortment of exotic accessories, simply because a hand-crafted cigar deserves this level of care. But their little brothers, cigarillos don’t receive the same treatment accessory wise although they also tend to be handmade delicacies. 

If you prefer cigarillos to cigars, why should you compromise on the quality of accessories? We got you covered. Imagine that there is a luxury shrine for your cigarillos which creates an almost sacral environment for your favourite ceremony. 

Enter Cronus.

What Themis is for cigars, Cronus is for your cigarillos and cigarettes. It seems to be a smaller caliber - which it is - but make no mistake: it’s still a sophisticated “weapon”. In a sense more so, as the whole body of the Cronus is milled from a single block of titanium opposed to the Themis’ aluminium body. The bullets are the same precision-milled titanium pods as it’s big brother's. 

It’s smaller in size but in fact a big hitter. 

The Cronus delivers the same ridiculously extravagant design of a rotating Colt cylinder: the internal bearings, the legendary sound of the revolver ratchet and the titanium bullets are all there. This six-shooter is the ultimate eye-candy and statue of power for cigarillo and cigarette smokers.

Feel free to use the individual bullets as a compact and robust travel pod to preserve your delicacies no matter how rough your journey may be - but be prepared for the wow effect it causes when someone notices your secret “weapon”. 

Holds up to 6 cigarillos or cigarettes.
CNC machined from aerospace grade titanium
Internal dimensions:0,374” x 3,5”(9,5 mm X 89,0 mm)
Outside:2,36” x 4,96” (60mm x 126mm)
Weight: 835g

Limited edition

88 pieces manufactured