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Luxury cigar accessories


Crafted with utmost precision, the outer case of our humidor is
meticulously CNC machined from a single piece of high-tech
beech wood.
This exclusive material boasts exceptional durability and unrivalled
beauty, an attribute that is not found in ordinary humidors. Our environmentally
friendly dying process further enhances the natural
beauty of the wood, producing a unique colour that contains no
harmful substances. 
The interior of our humidor is nothing short of perfection, made
of meticulously selected cedar wood, handpicked to ensure the
absence of any defects. The wooden parts on the interior are masterfully
crafted with precision joints without any use of adhesives.
This creates an immaculate environment, free of unwanted odours
or flavours, a haven for your prized cigars.

Every Solloshi wooden humidor features a crucial element: a titanium
capsule on the top of the box and a stainless steel capsule inside.
These capsules enable a flexible humidification and flavoring system,
providing users with nearly limitless options for storing and enhancing
the flavor of their cigars. Our top-of-the-line humidor is designed with
the utmost sophistication, featuring two exterior stainless-steel gas
springs that facilitate a graceful and effortless opening motion. The top
also includes two exterior humidifiers made of titanium with tempered
glass lids that allow you to add humifluid or any spirits to the system
without disrupting the harmonious environment.
The Adorini hygrometer adds an air of exclusivity, giving you the power
to maintain the perfect humidity level inside the humidor.
The humidor sits on four premium titanium legs, enhancing its stability
and aesthetics, making it a centrepiece of any luxury living
space. With the capacity to hold up to 12-36 pieces of cigars, our
humidor is the ultimate choice for cigar enthusiasts seeking uncompromising
quality and style.
Considering the internal volume and the size of our humidifier capsule,
it is possible to accommodate a greater quantity, but we do not
recommend stacking cigars in three rows within our own humidor.
Indulge in the luxury of our humidor and provide your cigars with
the perfect storage solution they deserve. With the perfect harmony
of functionality and elegance, our humidor is an investment in the
ultimate cigar experience.