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69 series-Cigar Punch Diamond Editon

Probably the sexiest cigar punch ever made. With the help of this cigar punch you can drill either a 6 mm or a 9 mm hole at your cigar  - depending on which suits the size of your cigar better. Its nifty design is extremely compact and easy to carry around; it will fit perfectly in any pocket. Precision engineered and CNC machined from a single block of titanium.

Complex structure, assembled from four separate parts.
Outside: 2,4” x 0,63” (61mm  x 16mm)
Weight: 36g
Material: Grade 5 Titanium

Finishing: nACo coated with diamond implantation

Limited Edition

68  pieces manufactured with nACo coating and diamond implantation from the standard series of  69 Series Cigar Punch

$1 490
shipping included USD / EUR